Trump Indictment

Previewing the First Republican Primary Debate of the Cycle

With Trump out, GOP candidates scramble to make the Fox News-hosted event mean something.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of the Georgia Indictment

Plus, Hunter Biden’s legal woes and a deep dive on class resentment and populism.

Trump’s Unconstitutional Enterprise

There’s no reason to cling to the presumption of innocence on his moral and historical culpability.

Donald Trump’s RICO Nightmare

A primer on the racketeering case brought by Fani Willis.

Ranking the Four Criminal Cases Against Trump

How this week’s indictment in Georgia fits in with the rest.

Racket Ball

The fourth indictment is the most satisfying.

Will Donald Trump Attack the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court?

He’s mostly directed his outrage at lower-court judges, but his calculus could change over the next year.

Walking the Line Between Campaigning and Obstruction

Meanwhile, motions in both of Trump’s federal trials are underway.

Optical Delusions

The truth of the 2020 election was there for Trump to see. He just didn’t want to.

Our Collective, Systemic Failure

That we even nominated Trump in the first place is proof of a breakdown.

An Unthinkable Choice

Donald Trump’s advisers would have put the U.S. military in the position of defying orders or turning their weapons on civilians.

Nothing to Lose

Pence and DeSantis turn more aggressive on January 6.

Judgment Day

Not just for Donald Trump, but for the Republican Party as a whole.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of Indictment 3.0

Donald Trump appears in federal court. Again.

Show Trial

Should Trump’s January 6 prosecution be televised?

We’re Not Coming All The Way Back From This

On the Trump indictment. The latest one.