Trump Investigations

The Trump-Trials Round Robin

Taking stock of where Trump’s major civil and criminal trials stand.

Fani Willis’ Scandal Threatens to Upend the Georgia Case Against Trump

If a judge finds the Fulton County prosecutor acted improperly, the case could be dismissed or delayed by months or years.

Defending the Ballot

There is more than one way to patrol the borders of democracy.

The Achilles’ Heel of the Rich and Powerful 

Donald Trump's valet problem.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Indictment News

Donald Trump faces new charges in his documents case, and a whole new indictment is looming.

New Charges, Same Indictment

What’s new in the superseding indictment of Donald Trump, and what not to expect in response from his Republican rivals.

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Donald Trump’s looming legal developments have Democrats strategizing for 2024.

The GOP’s Trump Choice

Defending him is morally reprehensible—and a political liability.

Reason and the Mob

Trump rivals can’t capitalize on his indictment.

‘But Her Emails’ Is Not the Defense of Trump His Supporters Would Like It to Be

When the government falls short of its standards, that doesn’t mean we should get rid of standards.

Arraignment Day: The Legal and the Political Cases

What to look for from the courts and how Donald Trump’s indictment might—or might not—affect the race for 2024.

The Nationalists’ Long Hangover

Power is not a necessary precondition for corruption, but it sure makes it easier.

A Modest Case for the Case Against Trump

The indictment might not be strong, exactly, but neither is it as weak as many have argued.

Pardon Me?

The politics of clemency for Donald J. Trump.

’Twas the Darkest and Stormiest Night

The dangers of Donald Trump’s magical thinking.

Is the GOP Just Waiting for a Fresh Start?

Whatever happens in Manhattan, weightier indictments might prompt Republicans to reject Donald Trump.