A Return to Reaganism for the GOP? Unlikely.

Throughout Donald Trump’s captivity of the GOP, many Republicans have held fast to the hope that after he leaves office, the party can return to the sunny Reaganism of the Before Times.

Of course, Trump’s bitter-enders have made it clear that they’d be happy to tear down not just the party but the country itself to avoid having to live in a post-Trump world.

It might have seemed as if we hit rock bottom earlier this month, when the Texas attorney general sued the swing states that decided the election for Joe Biden, demanding to have tens of millions of legal votes erased and the election effectively handed to Trump. More than 100 Republican House members and 17 Republican state attorneys general lent their names in support.

The Supreme Court rejected that idiotic suit, but no rebuke or reason seems to be able to divert this movement from where it’s headed. Allen West, the head of the Texas Republican party, issued a statement after the ruling, suggesting that perhaps “law-abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”

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