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Are Tickets Available for a Second Inauguration of Donald Trump?
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Are Tickets Available for a Second Inauguration of Donald Trump?


A tweet purportedly showing images of tickets to what appears to be “The 2nd Inauguration of Donald Trump,” on August 15, 2021, has been circulating on Twitter

The tweet says that these “tickets” are being sold for $1,200 on “Q sites all over the internet.” The tickets themselves say that Trump’s supposed presidential inauguration will feature musical guests Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

The tickets, however, are not real and Trump will not be inaugurated as president this August. 

The tickets have been photoshopped using a common ticket template, an example of which can be found on this printing company’s website. The blank event tickets, which can be purchased, match the alleged tickets for Trump’s inauguration. The blank ticket template, for example, has the same “event code” number as the Trump ticket: C0812. The section/aisle and row/box numbers of the Trump ticket match the template ticket as well. Another clue is that the event text font does not match the font of the ticket template, suggesting that “Trump’s inauguration” tickets have been manipulated. 

Furthermore, according to Kid Rock’s website, the musician will be performing at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, on August 15, the same day as Trump’s alleged inauguration. Also, according to Ted Nugent’s website, Nugent’s 2021 tour will be postponed until 2022, with no mention of any performances on August 15 of this year. 

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Khaya Himmelman is a fact checker for The Dispatch. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and Barnard College.