Fact Check: Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing More Strokes in Young People?

Following the publication of an  article from National Public Radio about an increase in stroke rates among young people, anti-vaccine figures on social media were quick to raise speculation about the coronavirus vaccine’s role in the increase. 

The article in question is titled “Stroke rates are increasing among young people. Here’s what you need to know.” It explains that this rise in stroke rates isn’t a recent occurrence. According to the American Heart Association, there’s been an increase among adults 49 and younger for the last 30 years. This is based on a study called the Global Burden of Disease, released in 2019, before the COVID pandemic began and long before coronavirus vaccines were available. 

Based on the available data, strokes brought on by the coronavirus vaccine are an extremely rare side effect, with the risk of a stroke being lower with a vaccine than with the virus itself.

There is nothing in the NPR article that suggests coronavirus vaccines have caused an uptick in strokes among young people.

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