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Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Imply Ukraine is Part of NATO?
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Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Imply Ukraine is Part of NATO?


Right-wing websites like the Post Millennial, the New York Post, and Blaze Media published articles claiming Vice President Kamala Harris referred to Ukraine as a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance in a recent tweet. This claim was disputed by some on social media, who claimed Harris didn’t say anything of the sort: 

Harris did, in fact, tweet this, with Politwoops—a website that tracks deleted tweets from politicians—archiving the tweet when it was deleted on March 15. The tweet appears to quote from a speech Harris gave at the Democratic National Committee winter meeting, in which she said: “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO Alliance.” The transcript listed on the White House website adds an “and” that Harris did not use in her speech, video of which can be seen here. A corrected version of the tweet with an added “and” was later shared from Harris’ account: 

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Alec Dent is a former culture editor and staff writer for The Dispatch.