Fact Check: Do COVID-19 Vaccines Cause AIDS?

A viral article from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com claims that “millions get AIDS” from COVID-19 vaccines and features an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Eads, a frequent purveyor of vaccine misinformation. She has promoted false vaccine information on Twitter as well as other platforms. She appeared on a podcast in September 2021 to discuss the false claim that the vaccines cause “viral shedding,” a claim we have fact-checked before. 

In the interview, Eads references a Stanford study as evidence for her claim that the COVID vaccines cause “autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline.” She also claims that COVID-19 vaccines are infecting people with HIV. 

We’ll go through some of Eads’ claims more specifically. 

First she says: “The spike protein in the CV19 vaccines that everyone is talking about is called the Lentivirus.”  

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