Fact Checking a Now-Deleted Ilhan Omar Tweet

In a now-deleted tweet, Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Thursday shared a viral TikTok clip of part of journalist Julia Ioffe’s March 15 CNN interview. In the clip Ioffe says: “It’s one thing for sarin gas to be used on people in faraway Syria who are Muslim or of a different culture. What is Europe going to do when it’s on European soil done to Europeans?”

Omar’s tweet, which can still be viewed here, read: “I can’t believe this has to be stated, but suggesting it’s ok to use sarin gas on people who are Muslim or Syrian is sick and evil. Let’s hope there is an explanation forthcoming from @juliaioffe because this clip as it stands is horrific and can’t be left without condemnation.”  

Ioffe herself has clarified that the viral clip is incomplete, and Omar has deleted her tweet and issued an apology to Ioffe.

But the incorrect clip continues to circulate on social media. 

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