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If you had asked me what career I planned to pursue five years ago, I would have probably answered that I wanted to be an archaeologist of the Indiana Jones variety.

(No, really: If you don’t believe me on this, we can attach a standby photo of 17-year-old Charlotte sporting cargo pants, caked in mud, and rifling through a five-foot oyster shell mound at an 18th-century South Carolina plantation.)

Something drew me to the idea of digging—literally and figuratively—for snippets of human life to piece together a bigger picture. During my eight months at The Dispatch, I’ve had countless opportunities to do just that—unearthing the broader perspectives behind global topics ranging from sanctions-evading Russian oligarchs to Taliban violence in Kabul

I’ve also written on issues closer to home and heart, like the plight of the last remaining Gullah Geechee community in my state of Georgia. As coastal property values skyrocket in the island community of Hog Hammock, people like Sharon Grovner—whose ancestors have survived more than two centuries on the land to which they were once bound—are losing their familial home and heritage to county taxation. The Dispatch gave me the resources and the freedom to tell their story, in great detail. 

I launched my career in journalism my very first semester of college, when I thought my budding opinions about the world were just too valuable to withhold from my fellow students. But I quickly learned that behind every op-ed worth its salt are hours upon hours of research and expertise. That realization, at least, has served me well as I pursue reporting.

But broadly speaking, I owe my personal growth in this industry to an all-star slate of mentors here at The Dispatch. From Steve, who shares my penchant for all things foreign policy; to Sarah and David, who took up the arduous task of coaching my legal writing into proficiency; to Jonah, whose written wit and acuity I hope to one day emulate—I wouldn’t be where I am today without the selfless leadership of all of my colleagues. And let’s not forget Rachael, who works tirelessly to hone in on the individual strengths of each writer on our team through the editing process. 

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Charlotte Lawson is a reporter at The Dispatch and currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining the company in 2020, she studied history and global security at the University of Virginia. When Charlotte is not keeping up with foreign policy and world affairs, she is probably trying to hone her photography skills.