How Biden Could Have Avoided His Court-Packing Gaffe

With each passing day, Joe Biden’s campaign strategy looks more brilliant. From the outset, Biden refused to make himself the issue or get in the way of President Trump’s self-immolating behavior.

The single glaring exception? His terrible handling of the court-packing question.

It started as a gaffe—which Michael Kinsley famously defined as a politician accidentally telling the truth. I think Biden made the mistake of explaining his don’t-be-controversial strategy rather than merely executing it.

It’s a common mistake. George H.W. Bush once read a note-to-self out loud: “Message: I care.” Donald Trump does it so often, we barely notice. Remember how he said he didn’t want COVID-stricken cruise ship passengers to disembark in the U.S. because it would affect his “numbers”?

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