Did Detroit Poll Workers Scan the Same Ballots Over and Over?

An article about the testimony of supposed whistleblower and contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, Melissa Carone says that Carone “dropped many truth bomb” about election fraud in Michigan. 

During testimony before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on December 2, Carone claimed, according to both the viral article and a transcript of last Wednesday’s hearing, that she “observed numerous employees, city workers, running batches of ballots through the tabulators countless times without discarding them first.”

Carone says in her affidavit that on November 3, while working at the TFC Center in Detroit as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, she saw “nothing but fraudulent actions take place.” Carone also said that tabulators would get jammed “4-5 times an hour“ and instead of discarding the ballots, the entire batch was rescanned. “I witnessed countless workers rescanning the batches without discarding them first, which resulted in ballots being counted 4-5 times.” Carone made similar allegations on December 2 before the Michigan House Oversight Committee. 

While the caption of the social media post is correct, because yes, a Dominion contractor did in fact say that ballots were scanned multiple times, the actual allegation is not. There is no evidence to corroborate  Carone’s claims that ballots in Michigan were counted multiple times. 

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