Republicans Are Playing a Risky Game in Elevating QAnon

Warning: Disturbing stuff ahead.

There’s a conspiracy theory called Frazzledrip. Even for QAnon types, it’s pretty fringe, which is saying something. Recall that the central belief in Q-world is that there’s a secret cabal of Satan-worshiping, sex-trafficking pedophiles running the government.

Frazzledrip is worse. It’s the name of an imagined video of a young girl on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop in a folder labeled “life insurance.” According to Vice, the nonexistent video shows Hillary Clinton filleting off the young girl’s face. Clinton and former aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s ex-wife, take turns wearing the girl’s face as a mask to terrify the child so her blood is suffused with adrenochrome. They drink her blood as part of a satanic ritual.

Oh, Frazzledrip also believes Clinton murdered New York City police officers who saw the video and covered up their deaths as suicides.

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