The Fight Over Critical Race Theory Is Only a Short-Term Gift to the GOP

It feels like yesterday that my wife and I were shopping for grade schools for our daughter—the same daughter who just graduated from high school.

We visited a bunch of private schools where the children of Washington’s elite get turned into the feedstock of the meritocracy.

The most remarkable thing about the experience was how nearly all of the schools were obsessed with “diversity”—and all the pedagogic and social issues attached to the term. Many pitched diversity not merely as important but as their sole comparative advantage. It was as though they thought if they could convince us that they cared more about diversity than their competitors, that alone would seal the deal.

The headmaster of one prestigious school even advised a group of parents to look at the mission statements of other schools. “You’ll see a lot of buzzwords like ‘academic rigor’ and ‘scholarship,’” he warned, making scare quotes with his fingers. “Well, we want you to know that we consider our social justice mission more important than academics.”

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