Matthew Zweig

Matthew Zweig is the senior director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Action (FDDA). Follow him on Twitter @MattewZweig1.

Matthew Zweig

The Arab League’s Misguided Faith in Bashar al-Assad

The organization has lifted his suspension based on promises he’s unlikely to keep.

How Congress Can Keep Biden From Caving to Iran’s Demands

The administration has said it will not remove the IRGC’s terrorist designation, but it is likely looking for ways to ease the burden on Iran.

Will the Biden Administration Be Soft on Sanctions?

A policy review from the Treasury department suggests that it may limit sanctions without considering the downsides.

If Biden Won’t Stand Up to Iran, Congress Should Stand Up to Biden

It should intervene using the legislation it passed in 2015 to force a vote to deny Iran sanctions relief.