Nate Hochman

Nate Hochman

Climate Change or Forest Management? Both Are to Blame.

While the West burns, partisans devolve into a predictable debate.

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Explaining the Plight of China’s Uighurs

What the government calls 'educational training centers' seem a lot more like gulags.

The Alt-Right’s Last Gasps

White Noise documents the rise and fall of the movement—and how its members attempt to reckon with their own increasing irrelevance.

Meet the Young Conservatives Pushing Market-Based Climate Solutions

They eschew top-down programs like the Green New Deal, but they recognize that their peers are concerned about the environment.

Why America Should Offer Refuge to Those Who Flee Hong Kong

It's the right thing to do, for one. But not doing so could hurt us economically.

The Origins of ‘Defund the Police’

The academic theories that have given rise to the new movement are dangerously flawed.

What Is Antifa?

The loose coalition of left-wing militants isn’t the clandestine terrorist organization that the president says it is. But it’s still a lot more dangerous than many progressives claim.

The Many Contradictions of Mark Levine

The controversial New York city councilman has changed positions on the coronavirus pandemic three times in the past four months.