Walter Olson

Walter Olson is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Walter Olson

The Election Crisis We Dodged

A proposal to prevent the seating of House members from states with ‘bad’ election laws would be disastrous.

Race-Based Allocation of COVID Therapies Is a Problem

Some governments have implemented policies that are almost certainly unconstitutional as well as morally questionable.

Protecting Our Electoral Institutions

There are plenty of sensible reforms that could improve the election process, but those aren’t the ones being considered.

What HIPAA Isn’t

Word of mouth has turned a narrow health-records law into a supposed health-privacy Bill of Rights.

Why State Election Reform Bills Don’t Signal a New Jim Crow Era

People are bickering over measures that were considered normal just a few years ago.

House Democrats Go Fox Hunting

There is no 'fake news' exception to the First Amendment.

Biden’s Anti-Discrimination Order Is Executive Vaporware

Some executive orders please supporters—and troll adversaries—without delivering much in the way of policy change.

No, Amy Coney Barrett Is Not ‘Anti-Worker’

Her employment-law jurisprudence hews closely to precedent handed down by the Supreme Court.