Of Course Your House Is Killing You

And it’s not just the gas range.

A Bleak Outlook on Immigration Reform

Divisions in Congress make major breakthroughs on the issue unlikely in 2023.

How Republicans Can Get Serious on Spending

When it comes to cuts, less is actually more.

How a Progressive Judge Helped Preserve American Pluralism

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Let Ukraine Defeat the Russia-Iranian War Machine

Biden’s chronic risk aversion is prolonging the war and making it more costly

Farewell (But Not Goodbye)

Some personal news.

Electric Vehicles and the Unintended Consequences of Industrial Policy

A plan to subsidize EV purchases has angered trading partners and might be bad for the environment.

House GOP Moves to Messaging Bills and Investigations

Plus, a new select committee on strategic competition with China.

Understanding Biden’s Big Immigration Plan

The administration seeks to bring order to the chaotic influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Why Entitlement Reform Is So Hard

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Biden’s 2024 Tightrope Starts With Border Balancing Act

There are no easy answers, and even simple measures are politically untenable.

Details on McCarthy’s Concessions Still To Come

Kevin McCarthy finally won over more than a dozen GOP detractors to claim the House speakership. But what did he give up to do so?

The House Could Become Even More of a Wild West This Year

In his speakership bid, Kevin McCarthy has promised conservatives open debate on spending bills.

The Real Climate Change Racket

A lawsuit against oil companies reflects progressive attempts to criminalize disagreement.

Defeating China and Saving Democracy

It’s going to be a busy year.