John Cornyn Takes Center Stage During Gun Control Talks

The Texas Republican was chosen by Mitch McConnell to lead bipartisan negotiations on gun control legislation.

Bad News for Biden: Congress Cooling on Idea of an Iran Deal

The Senate passed a non-binding resolution opposing sanctions relief for the IRGC and insisting that any deal address state-sponsored terrorism.

Henry Kissinger’s Long History of Appeasing Dictatorships

He’s spent decades cultivating a friendship with Putin, but he’s also advocated for Iran and China.

Hot Nerd Summer: ESG Comes to Washington

A new SEC rule would require publicly traded companies to make expansive disclosures about their carbon and climate-related activities.

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine?

As the 75th anniversary of George Marshall’s speech on rebuilding Europe approaches, it’s unclear whether the West’s vast resources will be enough to help Ukraine.

As New Title IX Regulations Loom, Pushback Grows From Multiple Sides

The new anticipated regulations have united an ideologically diverse coalition.

No Time to Go Wobbly

Biden is making the right moves in sending Ukraine rocket systems. And he’s at least given a strong statement about what he’ll do to help.

A Hybrid Learning Model Can Help, Not Harm, Higher Education

No one wants to go back to 2020-style virtual learning. But there are upsides to having some online classes available for college students.

Don’t Let Iran Humiliate the IAEA Again

New reporting and an IAEA assessment reveal that Iran is in violation of both the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the JCPOA.

Would Repealing the 17th Amendment Fix the Senate?

However unlikely we are to amend the Constitution, it’s worth considering how returning senatorial elections to statehouses would improve our politics.

After Uvalde, What Now?

Criminology professor Adam Lankford has spent his career studying acts of mass violence. He shares his insight in a Q&A.

The New Right’s Dangerous Attitude on Corporate Rights

The turn against corporate speech rights shows how some conservatives are willing to violate principles for partisan gain.

Stop Turning Away the Next Einsteins

The U.S. welcomes top STEM students from around the world, only to watch them leave for other countries over immigration issues.

Bipartisanship Flies Under the Radar in D.C.

There’s very little incentive to brag about working with the other side.

So Much for Reforming the World Health Organization

The Biden administration vowed it would change the body from within, but its proposals play into the hands of China.

A Look at the State of Red Flag Laws After Buffalo

A Dispatch explainer.