World Events

Countering the Coming Drone War

The U.S. faces a rapidly evolving drone threat. Can the Pentagon and industrial base keep up?

War in Ukraine, Two Years Later

Wavering U.S. support leaves Ukraine undergunned in its conflict with Russia.

‘Hope Without Hope’ on Ukraine’s Frontlines

Amid suspended American aid and an emboldened enemy, Ukrainians see two options: victory or death.

Farmers Protest Across Europe

Narrowing profit margins and stifling regulations are pushing Europe’s farmers to the brink.

Do Svidaniya, Alexei Navalny

Plus: A look at the ruling in the New York fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

The Life and Death of Alexei Navalny

The late opposition leader laid the foundation for the ‘Wonderful Russia of the Future.’

There’s a Tucker Born Every Minute

On Alexei Navalny and coin-operated grocery carts.

Trump’s Latest NATO Threats

The former president has ramped up his rhetoric against the alliance on the campaign trail. Should he be taken literally?

The Full Duranty

Vladimir Putin’s U.S. admirers are full of it.

Israel’s War Against Hamas Continues

The IDF plans to take the tunnels under Rafah as the country grapples with the tunnel under UNRWA HQ.

A Shake-Up in Ukraine

Can new leadership in the Ukrainian military help to turn the tides of war?

Iran’s Escalation Game

Will the United States’ attacks against Iran-backed militias be enough to deter the Islamic Republic?

Pakistan at the Polls

With the leading candidate in prison, Pakistanis vote in an election seemingly controlled by the country’s military.

Israel’s Northern Front Looms

Will Hezbollah bring about another Israel-Lebanon war?

U.S. Steps Up Offensive Against Iranian Proxies

Will the Biden administration’s latest actions be enough to deter attacks on U.S. troops and treasure?

Another National Security Crackdown in Hong Kong

Beijing solidifies its grip on the special administrative region.