Interview: The Race for Quantum Computing Superiority

I recently joined my colleague (and subscriber to this newsletter) Shane Tews (@ShaneTews) on her podcast, Explain to Shane, where we discussed quantum computing and its implications. Below is a summary of our conversation. You can listen to Shane every week by clicking here.

Quantum computers are poised to permanently change how technology exists in society. But with the advent of quantum computing comes several risks to the US across a range of fields — including national security. How can the US sufficiently advance its quantum computing capabilities and manage the risks that come with them?

Klon Kitchen, an AEI resident fellow in foreign and defense policy, joined “Explain to Shane” to discuss his latest AEI report, “Quantum computing: A national security primer,” along with what’s at stake for the US in the quantum computing race. Klon also gave a comprehensive overview of how quantum computers operate, and explained how US government and industry can work together to achieve quantum superiority. 

Below is an edited and abridged transcript of our talk. You can listen to this and other episodes of “Explain to Shane” on and subscribe via your preferred listening platform. You can also read the full transcript of our discussion here. If you enjoyed this episode, leave us a review, and tell your friends and colleagues to tune in.

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