The Morning Dispatch: We’re Running Out of Quid Pro Quo Puns

Good morning.

Let’s start by saying this: In the news business, every day is a big news day. Whether the events are tectonic shifts or tiny tremors, we still tend to want the public to care enough to give our stuff a read. 

Most of the time this desire is harmless. But treating everything as big news can have negative consequences during long news cycles, as each incremental development can feel like the potential linchpin of the whole case. As we saw during the Mueller investigation, all that noise can sometimes make it tough for the public to pick out which moments are the real watersheds and keep the whole thing straight. 

We bring this up now only to assure you that we at The Dispatch will strive not to succumb to it ourselves. So you know we really mean it when we say that Tuesday was a remarkable news day. 

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