Feb 10 • 1HR 13M

Baby Love

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Demographer and Institute for Family Studies research fellow Lyman Stone returns to The Remnant to make the case for having more babies. With America’s birth rate in decline and increasingly large numbers of people living lives devoid of real connections, Lyman believes that we urgently need more pro-family policies. But though Jonah agrees completely that babies are good, he’s less sure about Lyman’s proposal of lowering the voting age to zero. Tune in for distinctly nerdy debate, but stick around to learn about the many varieties of natalist philosophy.

Show Notes:

- Lyman’s page at AEI

- Lyman’s previous Remnant appearance

- Lyman: “The Minimum Voting Age Should Be Zero”

- Ben Sasse’s The Vanishing American Adult

- Pro-natal pontification

- Marriage and childbearing in the time of COVID

- Jonah on how we’re turning Japanese

- The Remnant with Edward Carr

- Jonah on Terry Schiavo