Courtroom Cams and Elon’s Crusade

Exciting news from host-in-absentia Sarah Isgur. Partisan gerrymandering. Cameras in courts. David French and guest-host David Lat have so much to cover in so little time. Here we go:

-New arrivals

-Purdue Pharma update

-Should the Trump trials be televised? (The Davids disagree)

-Wisconsin’s judicial elections mess

-Alabama’s ongoing redistricting wars and systemic racism

-Elon Musk goes after the ADL

Show notes:

2020 DOJ press release on Purdue Pharma and the Sackler Family

Just Security on Judge Jones’s supplemental briefing order

Caplan v. Trump (Section 3 ruling)

Charlie Sykes on the Wisconsin Supreme Court drama

Singleton v. Allen (Alabama Voting Rights Act case)

David Firestone on Alabama Voting Rights Act case

Elon Musk blames ADL for lost revenue (NBC)

Musk blames Latham for San Franciscoโ€™s problems. Huh? (Reuters)

David French’s NYT column on Texas age-verification law

AO episode featuring Ari Cohn on age-verification laws

Video version of this episode

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