Killing Zombies at the Justice Monastery

A case before the Supreme Court may bring the axe to the long zombified Chevron deference. Sarah and David also take a look at:

-North Carolina’s flip-flops on gerrymandering might delay the inevitable

-A 94-year-old’s legal fight against property seizure gets a hearing

-Is the distinction between History and Tradition a bait and switch?

-Supreme Court Ethics are in the news again… (yikes)

-Q&A from 1L’s

Show Notes:

-In Ruling with Major Political Implications that Potentially Moots U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Moore v. Harper Independent State Legislature Case, North Carolina Supreme Court, on 5-2 Partisan Vote, Holds Partisan Gerrymandering Claims Cannot Be Brought Under State Constitution

-What happens to Moore v. Harper after the latest North Carolina Supreme Court decision in the partisan gerrymandering case?

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