Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA

Student athletes have reason to celebrate after Monday’s big Supreme Court NCAA decision. In today’s episode, David and Sarah discuss the ins and outs of National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Alston, a unanimous ruling that paves the way for college athletes to receive compensation beyond scholarships as long as it is tied to their education. Our hosts talk about how the case will set a precedent for the future, and analyze a concurrence from the court’s very own basketball coach, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Also on the podcast, Sarah walks through two other Supreme Court rulings on security fraud and patents. Finally, David and Sarah chat about her recent Twitter spat with Case Western law professor Jonathan Adler about standing in the Obamacare case.

Show Notes:

National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Alston

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System

United States v. Arthrex Inc.

Jonathan Adler’s Reason article about the Supreme Court Obamacare case

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