Cries for Freedom in Cuba

Cuban citizens have taken to the streets to protest the oppressive communist regime,  but what can the United States do to help? Should we do anything to help? The gang considers the moral and political implications of United States foreign policy toward Cuba. David notes that vaccine hesitancy is having severe consequences as positive covid cases continue to rise. How should we go about persuading the vaccine-hesitant to get the vaccine? Plus, Texas Democrats have left the state in protest over a new voting bill, and Sarah has some thoughts. Is this bill an example of voter suppression or just over-eagerness from Democrats to have a talking point? Finally, tech companies face legislative threats from the state level. Chris questions the unintended consequences of big-tech bills. 

Show Notes:

Jonah’s column: “Vaccines Save Lives. Anti-Vax Hysteria Kills.”

Chris’s Article: “Anti-Vaccine Pandering Poses Risk for GOP”

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