Feel My Pain

An open letter published by Harper’s, signed by 153 prominent names, warning against illiberal behavior received swift pushback online. Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David discuss which socio-political issues of our time are within the scope of reasonable disagreement while also addressing why illiberalism has become such a global phenomenon.

Should schools reopen fully in the fall? Why has the fight over mask-wearing devolved into a culture war issue? Does Trump understand his own constituency? Sarah and the guys weigh in on these questions while also addressing Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech, and the future of the GOP in a post-Trump era.

Show Notes:

Harper’s Magazine’s “Letter on Justice and Open Debate,” Vox writer’s retaliatory Twitter response to the letter, The Dispatch Podcast episode with Yascha Mounk.

-Trump’s July Fourth speech at Mount Rushmore, Trump’s Twitter tirade against NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, Forbes interview with Kanye West on a presidential run.

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