The Trials of Donald Trump, Explained

Donald Trump’s trials represent an unprecedented clash of American politics and law. To make sense of the madness, The Dispatch launched The Collision newsletter, written by Sarah Isgur and Mike Warren. With the ex-president’s multiple cases crawling through the courts, Sarah and Mike (and a spice-addled Jonah) compare the legal arguments of the different trials, break down the possible timelines, and consider the political ramifications of this mess we’re in.

The Agenda:
—SCOTUS hearing Trump’s immunity case
—The lawfare argument
—Majorities can be wrong
—Alvin Bragg’s hush money case
—Different rules for elites
—Dead to rights on obstruction
—Georgia on their mind
—Biden impeachment update

Show Notes:

The Collision newsletter

Liam Neeson does improv

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