White House Battles Social Media Over Misinformation

The White House has announced that it will be flagging misinformation on Facebook in an attempt to diminish vaccine skepticism. But could politicizing this issue even further actually embolden anti-vaxxers? Our hosts consider how we can sway the unvaccinated, and whether the world would be better off without online comment sections. Afterward, Steve introduces a potpourri of topics for Jonah and Sarah to dig into. How concerned should we be about inflation? Do Republicans have any interest in fully uncovering what happened on January 6? And can Biden convince the Democrats to accept a bipartisan infrastructure agreement after promising unity in his inaugural address? The gang concludes by discussing Jeff Bezos’ voyage to outer space, and Jonah considers whether we should build nuclear reactors on the moon. 

Show Notes:

The Morning Dispatch breaks down Biden’s clash with Big Tech

Jonah’s column: “Biden Shows How Not to Improve Vaccine Rates”

Forbes article on the myth of vaccine-induced magnetism

TMD explores whether inflation is a threat

Alex Tabarrok discusses inflation on The Remnant

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