Back to the Basement

Unable to resist the allure of rank punditry any longer, Jonah brings his trusted election sherpa, A.B. Stoddard, back to the Remnant for a journey through the depths of human depravity (or, more specifically, the burgeoning 2024 election). They kick things off with a discussion of Trump’s arraignment—and what it means for the primaries—before delving into the logistics of a Biden reelection campaign. Afterward, they touch on a variety of subjects, including the prospect of a Kamala Harris presidency, the Wisconsin Supreme Court election result, and Trump’s deadly habit of juggling chainsaws.

Show Notes:

Trump’s speech at Mar-a-Lago

A.B.: “Why (and How) Biden Should Decline to Run Again”

A.B.: “Will DeSantis Rescue Republicans or Let Them Down?”

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