Broken Window Blues

Only those who own ties imprinted with portraits of Burke and Hayek should tune in for today’s Ruminant, which sees Jonah’s philosophical rumination reach dangerous instability. After assessing the increasingly credible COVID-19 lab-leak theory (and remembering the time Trump suggested using “the heat and the light” to cure the virus), Jonah examines what the debate over woke corporations reveals about the state of the conservative movement. He then dives headfirst into the morass of intellectual history, to explore how conservatives really feel about democracy. It’s an episode Albert Jay Nock couldn’t resist.

Show Notes: 

–   Young Guns, the greatest book ever written

–  Jonah: “How the Media Botched the Lab-Leak Story”

–  Vindication for Mr. Geraghty

–  Memories of disinfectant

–   Matt Gaetz delivers a fresh dose of crazy

–  Phil Klein: “Woke Capitalism and its Threat to Fusionism”

–   Dullest headline contest

–  Jonah: “Pro-Business or Pro-Market”

–  If Jonah ran the zoo

–   John T. Flynn hated FDR before it was cool

–  Hillary defines progressivism

–  Rubio goes full unionization

–  David Marcus irritates Jonah

–   Joshua Tate: “Anit-Democratic Conservatism Isn’t New”

–   Liz Cheney backs voter ID

–  The Wednesday G-File

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