But First, Cut the Green Wire

Andy Smarick, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins a sleep-deprived Jonah in a discussion of schools in the time of COVID — all 14,000 districts’ worth. After nerding out over Supreme Court cases, civics, and badly misremembering an episode of M*A*S*H, Andy ends on a note of optimism while Jonah (hopefully) goes to get some sleep somewhere in Alaska.

Show Notes:

Adrian Vermeule’s common-good constitutionalism

Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debates, because why not

What is Conservatism? With a foreword by Jonah

Bostock v. Clayton County, court opinion delivered by Gorsuch

AEI survey about parents’ feelings with the approaching school year

Smarick’s piece on how pundits ought to have governing experience

Lyman Stone on The Remnant

Thomas Sowell’s recent book on charter schools

Andy: What the Espinoza Decision Means for Other Aspects of Religious Freedom

Blaine Amendment

Pierce v. Society of Sisters

Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer

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