Congress Bad, Liquor Good

This podcast is for those of us who feel like the state of our political parties makes us want a drink, or at least some reliable recommendations about what we should be drinking. Jonah is joined by AEI colleague Kevin Kosar, who writes on how Congress is failing to do its job – not simply because of populism and polarization, but also because “its smaller numbers of staffers mean that Congress is literally shrinking while the institution is being asked to do more than ever.” They discuss how to fix the backwardness of this system, before moving on to a discussion of Kevin’s true passion (proven by his pedigree as one of the earliest bloggers on the subject): whiskey and other fine spirits.

Show Notes:

Kevin Kosar – American Enterprise Institute

Moving Congress into the 21st Century

Congress Overwhelmed

Show horses vs work horses

Kevin on the true use of earmarks

A Time to Build, by Yuval Levin

Jonah’s love of the term “co-equal”

What’s a pager?

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s farewell speech

Bill Barr’s civilized hearing

Floor Charts, doing important work

Whiskey: A Global History, continually operating since 1998

Connemara peated Irish Whiskey

White whiskey, or, uhm, moonshine

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