Decision Desk Rivalry

Pinch-hitting for Jonah today is his vocal double Chris Stirewalt, who talks with his old friend from their shared years at Fox News’ Decision Desk, Daron Shaw. Chris and Daron go on a “mythbusting” expedition, explaining why the conventional wisdom that high-turnout elections benefit Democrats isn’t true (and has never been) as well as why campaign finance efforts have historically failed to attack corruption in favor of simply dismantling the “appearance of corruption.” It’s a punched-up episode that’s sure to complete a few of your Remnant Bingo cards.

Show Notes:

Daron Shaw at the University of Texas

Daron and John Petrocik’s book, The Turnout Myth

Voter files

2020 was largest turnout since 1900

Was Edgar Allan Poe “cooped”?

McConnell speaks about McCain-Feingold

Daron’s book on Buckley v. Valeo, The Appearance of Corruption

P.J. O’Rourke’s Don’t Vote

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