Drive-Time Ruminant 11: Virtual Insanity

The drive-time Remnant format returns for another freewheeling broadcast, one that finds Jonah, Guy, and Ryan preoccupied with questions of loneliness and fulfillment following Arthur Brooks’ recent appearance on the program. Together, they explore the malign effects of social media, whether internet access should be regulated, and how the “Japanification” of America’s youth can be reversed. Plenty of nerdish tomfoolery is also mixed in on the nightmares of American bureaucracy, the threat of World War III, and a recent congressional embarrassment. But at the end of it all, one question remains: What movie should win Best Picture at the upcoming Academy Awards?

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Charles C.W. Cooke

Social media goes to war

The Remnant with Arthur Brooks

The Federalist on bagel-snarfing warmongers

The Remnant with Paul Miller

Bari Weiss on America’s sex recession

Caught in the act

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