Drive-Time Ruminant 6: Twice in a Lifetime

As if experiencing the Monica Lewinsky saga first-hand wasn’t strange enough, Impeachment: American Crime Story is now subjecting Jonah to it all over again. How did we get here? And when exactly did American politics stop making sense? Unable to answer those questions alone and with David Byrne ignoring his calls, Jonah summons Guy and Ryan for a journey into the world of book royalties, internet comment sections, and broadcasting secrets best left in the green room. Their ramblings also address the passing of Norm Macdonald, dark behind the scenes secrets of The Dispatch, and why political provocateurs usually don’t enjoy more than 15 minutes of fame. Plus, tune in to hear Jonah tell an epic story of identity theft. 

Show Notes:

Wednesday’s G-File, released to the masses

The Remnant’s super-spectacular 400th episode

Conan’s tribute to Norm Macdonald

Guy’s Bret Stephens profile, shamelessly plugged

Jonah’s return to National Review

The Remnant with Will Saletan

Florida, Florida, Florida

The double

“Schindler es bueno, señor Burns es el diablo”

Duke Zeibert’s

Milo Minderbinder

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