Enough Already

Jonah’s in especially ranty form on today’s Ruminant as he explores the continuing war over the House speakership and where most commentators are going wrong in their analysis of it. He also examines the broader prevalence of annoying misconceptions about Congress, what media bias really looks like, and how conservatism should be measured. Plus, tune in for discussion of a controversial Daily Beast story, the Damar Hamlin incident, and the political proclivities of big corporations.

Show Notes:

Wednesday’s (members only) “news”letter

Jonah: “McCarthy’s Misery”

The Daily Beast‘s Matt Schlapp story

Joshua Green: “Can Ron DeSantis replace Donald Trump as the Face of the GOP?”

Philip Bump: “Can Ron DeSantis Ride an Anti-Business Message to the White House?”

Tim Carney’s The Big Ripoff

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