Ersatz Christmas

On this episode, Jonah is joined by Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review. It’s an eclectic mix today, as the duo gets into a good deal of punditry surrounding the Trump campaign’s election challenges and then move onto the future of conservatism (or “conservatarianism” in Charlie’s case) as a whole before tying the whole thing up around the Thanksgiving theme of gratitude. As a freshly minted American living through a relatively chaotic period in our politics, what is Cooke grateful for when it comes to the U.S.? During this holiday season, Jonah thinks we might all do well to be grateful for the fact that “we still live in a country where following politics is essentially a hobby … and isn’t a matter of survival.”

Show Notes:

Charlie’s main podcasting gig

Charlie’s, uh, other main podcasting gig

Florida man saves puppy from alligator

National Review and the John Birchers

The Conservatarian Manifesto

Max Boot: America’s A-Team

Randoph Bourne: “The State”

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