Getting Hayekian

Thanks to international supply chains, Scott Lincicome’s Five Timer gold jacket is in the mail today as he joins Jonah to discuss a whole panoply of economic trends. Scott and Jonah talk about some of his observations from his posts as a fellow Dispatch-er with his Capitolism newsletter, as well as through his role at Cato where he has just put out a ton of research refuting the too-clever-by-half idea that the government can seize the manufacturing industry for national security reasons. The guys also discuss how COVID has essentially reversed the consumer side of the American economy. (“The pandemic has temporarily converted us into a country that buys goods instead of services”), and they even manage to get in some Hayek (peace be upon him).

Show Notes:

“Five Timers Club”

Scott’s newsletter, Capitolism

Democrats trying to push through $15 minimum wage

Tom Sowell on the minimum wage

More from Less by Andrew McAfee

Scott’s latest for Cato

Scott’s take on the ‘deindustrialization’ myth

A rundown on the National Technology Industrial Base

U.S. ventilator overproduction

Sherrod Brown’s “Buy American” push to the Biden administration

Jonah: Thank globalism for COVID response, not nationalism

Jonah, microcosms, and macrocosms

Invisible Wealth by Nick Schulz and Arnold Kling

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