Grumpy Old Sportsmen

Unlike Ozzie Smith on his visit to Springfield, Jonah didn’t fall off the face of the Earth during his northeastern excursion last week. Today, he’s back in control of The Remnant, and invites National Review’s Dan McLaughlin onto the show for a discussion of what the future holds for the Republican Party. Together, they explore the creation of the January 6 select committee, how the role of a political commentator differs from that of a political operative, and whether fusionism will survive the challenges currently facing the right. It’s an episode dedicated to the common good.

Show Notes:

Dan’s page at National Review

Dan’s call for Trump’s impeachment

The Morning Dispatch breaks down the January 6 committee

Trump profits from false election fraud claims

Ali Alexander and the Capitol riot

Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy’s ongoing feud

NR’s “Against Trump” issue

Dan’s views on fusionism and Republican history

Jonah’s views on fusionism

Dan responds to Adrian Vermeule

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