Jawing with Crenshaw 2: Congressional Boogaloo

Jonah collaborates with Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw on their second Remnant together in an attempt to hash out their differences of opinion regarding why Congress doesn’t work. (Or does it?) Come listen, and discover why members of Congress feel the need to have such robust media teams on staff all the time, why Marjorie Taylor Greene is actually a swamp creature nowadays, and walk through Dan’s “favorite moment of 2021,” which features a shockingly bad instance of Spanglish.

Show Notes:

Dan’s podcast, Hold These Truths

Dan’s article on fighting, not performing

Jonathan Rauch: Is Congress broken?

Jonathan Haidt’s political Turing test

Jonah’s article on Antony Blinken and China

Dan’s Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars

Almost nobody uses “Latinx”

“Si, se pwadway!”

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