Jonah and Draper’s Political Caper

Jonah and a brand new guest, Robert Draper of the New York Times, engage in punditry ranker than even the most devoted Remnant listener could imagine before gushing over Draper’s adorable canine companion. If that sounds like a retread of the week’s previous episode with A.B. Stoddard, fear not! Today’s dog talk is entirely spontaneous. The pair have Biden’s joint congressional address to dissect, and Draper has a fascinating new piece on Republican turmoil that stimulates plenty of conversation on internecine party warfare. Will partisanship destroy us all? Can the GOP be saved from insanity? And why do Jonah and Robert both recall Watergate with fondness?

Show Notes:

Robert’s page at the New York Times

Robert’s latest piece, “Liz Cheney vs. MAGA”

“I’m a conservative, but I’m not angry about it”

“I am a gaffe machine”

Dispatch Live reacts to Biden’s first joint congressional address

Ross Douthat: “Biden Should Go Big, and Then Brag About It”

Ross Douthat: “What Bidenism Owes to Trumpism”

The Jason Miller tweet that stole Jonah’s heart

Trump discovers “America First”

The week’s first Remnant with A.B. Stoddard

Mark Leibovich on Kevin McCarthy

David Brooks: “The GOP is Getting Worse”

Jonah: “Unity Can Be Worse Than Partisanship”

Karl Rove’s “100-year majority”

The Wednesday G-File

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