Judging on Empty

Adam White, AEI senior fellow and Jonah’s trusted law-talkin’ guy, makes his long-awaited Remnant return. The pair take a deep dive into the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings and assess what we can expect from her jurisprudence before turning to the state of legal conservatism. With originalism under attack, will common good constitutionalism soon consume legal academia? Is “insurrection” an appropriate term for January 6? And can Jonah suppress his disdain for Adam’s profession and all it represents?

Show Notes:

Adam’s page at AEI

Adam on the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings

Ketanji Brown Jackson, closet originalist?

Adam: “Mueller Agnoistes”

AEI’s nerdtastic event on Justice Alito

The Remnant with Cass Sunstein

Jonah: “Appetite for Power”

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