Law and Disorder

Only Remnant listeners fluent in legalese should subject themselves to today’s discussion of Supreme Court jurisprudence, in which fan-favorite classical liberal Ilya Shapiro returns to claim his coveted gold jacket. Jonah and Ilya explore what the court’s conservative majority will mean for future cases and whether the conservative legal movement should adapt its philosophy in the wake of Bostock v. Clayton County. They also touch on some of the most controversial issues raised by recent Supreme Court decisions, including Arizona’s voting laws and free speech in public schools. David and Sarah, eat your heart out!

Show Notes:

Ilya’s latest book, Supreme Disorder

The mysterious shadow docket

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

“After Bostock, We’re All Textualists Now”

Walter Olson in The Dispatch on HIPAA

The Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting restrictions

Ilya: “The Voter Suppression Lie”

Advisory Opinions on the Supreme Court’s cheerleader case

Ilya’s campaign for the Falls Church Schoolboard, shamelessly plugged

Ilya explains why he’s running

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