Liberal Fights and History

Get your bingo cards ready, because Yuval Levin is back on The Remnant today to counteract Alex Tabarrok’s libertarian influence. Which side is the aggressor in the culture war? How will history remember the Trump era? And why is the left substituting relativism for absolutism? Tune in for answers to these vital questions (which include plenty of ostentatious references to Leo Strauss), but stick around to hear Yuval deliver a heartening affirmation of American exceptionalism. The United States is facing challenges, and we have much to fix, but we have even more to be proud of. As any immigrant would tell you, there really is no greater country than America today.

Show Notes:

The week’s first Remnant with Alex Tabarrok

Kevin Drum: “If You Hate the Culture Wars, Blame Liberals”

Tim Miller: “Who’s Actually Responsible for the ‘Culture War?’”

Jonah’s G-File responding to both Drum and Miller

Yuval’s third book, The Great Debate

CPAC attendees applaud Biden’s missed vaccine goal

Jonah’s Twitter debate with Nikole Hannah-Jones

The New York Times’ tragic January 6 video

Leo Strauss on liberal education

Gen. Mark Milley feared a Trump “Reichstag moment”

Fame and the Founding Fathers, by Douglass Adair

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