Man of the Year

It’s a man’s, man’s world—or so Josh Hawley would have you believe. On today’s Ruminant, Jonah takes a deep dive into the new right’s obsession with masculinity and what it really means to be manly. He also assesses the pros and cons of codifying gay marriage into law, rants about Joe Manchin’s deal with Chuck Schumer, and gives some further thoughts on whether it’s right to launch criminal prosecution against a former president. It’s a radioactive episode.

Show Notes:

Wednesday’s “news”letter

The Remnant with Charles C.W. Cooke

Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin make a deal

Josh Hawley’s book announcement

Tom Klingenstein: “Trump is a manly man”

Kevin Williamson: “The Virile Style”

Madeline Kearns: “Marital Clash”

The Editors on Congress’ gay marriage bill

Andrew Sullivan’s case for gay marriage

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