Meet the History Ninjas

Chris Stirewalt is back on The Remnant to discuss how we can make politics boring again. As Chris observes, we’ve entered a “wilderness of grifts,” where opportunistic nationalism and Lincoln Project-style chicanery are all the rage. Meanwhile, a new group is trying to turn Joe Biden into FDR, factions on the right are embracing the progressive vision of government, and rage clicks are poisoning the political well. What can we learn from Lincoln in this bizarre moment? How do Americans really feel about abortion? And will Chris finally make a pious man out of Jonah?

Show Notes:

The Morning Dispatch breaks down the infrastructure negotiations

The Jane Mayer piece that made Jonah’s morning

Jonah explores Trump’s grip on the GOP

Ave, true to Trump

Trump’s endorsement goes awry in Texas

The Remnant with Dan McLaughlin

Biden’s team of rivals

The Great Debate, by Yuval Levin

Jonah’s decadent dysfunction

Jonah on the implications of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

The real great debate

A musical mystery

Chris’ Instagram, where the magic happens

Kevin Williamson on the big white ghetto

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