Mere Evangelism

Chris Stirewalt returns to The Remnant for punditry so intense it could rival the summer heat of New Orleans. Religious definitions are first on the docket, as Jonah and Chris explore the voting habits of Catholics, whether “Evangelical” is an outdated term, and the relationship between political beliefs and church attendance. Afterward, a deep dive into party politics commences, covering the GOP’s embrace of working-class men, the right’s broader commitment to bogus election fraud narratives, and how the return of radical chic could spark a new class war. Ultimately, only German words are sufficient to express Chris’ horror at our current situation.

Show Notes:

Trash of the titans

Chris on dumping “Evangelical”

Making the church great again

Catholics and politics

The New York Times on Harvard’s atheist chaplain

Jim Banks’ push for a working-class GOP

Jerry Seib on the California recall

The Emerging Democratic Majority

An excuse for whenever you break the law

Coincidence? I think not!

Tucker Carlson outcrazies himself

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