Austere Religious Scholarship

On today’s Remnant, recorded in the wilds of Oklahoma, Jonah once again attempts to fuse the weekend Ruminantformat with that of a supplemental episode. He begins by elaborating on his pro-life views and what abortion law would look like if he were made czar for a day. Afterward, a nerdtastic dive into the morass of intellectual history begins, as Jonah uses an extract from The Tyranny of Clichés (which is still available from all good book sellers, hint-hint) to explore what separation of church and state really means in American life. Tune in not just to hear Jonah’s patented progressive-bashing, but to either commend or correct his pronunciation of a certain troublesome name.

Show Notes:

The Wednesday “news”letter

Biden’s Catholic quandary

Moynihan on partial-birth abortion

Locke’s “A Letter Concerning Toleration”

Don’t burn the witch

JFK (or possibly Mayor Quimby) and Catholicism

Mario Cuomo’s Notre Dame speech

Jonah’s deep affection for Richard Ely

Barack Obama, arbiter of sin

Seinfeld on spite

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