Out of the Depths

Ross Douthat is back on The Remnant to discuss his new book, The Deep Places, a memoir of his six-year struggle with chronic illness. With numerous references to The Exorcist, Jonah and Ross take a deep dive into his ordeal, and even manage to mix in a generous amount of rank punditry on political tribalism and the conservative movement in the COVID era. Did Ross’ sickness cause him to reconsider his views on health care policy? How did he cope while enduring a period of prolonged suffering and isolation? And how has Donald Trump changed Republican politics?

Show Notes:

Ross’ new book, The Deep Places

Ross’ page at National Review

Ross’ page at the New York Times

Ross is profiled in The Dispatch

Ross: “How I became a sick person”

The Invisible Kingdom, by Meghan O’Rourke

The Remnant with Paul Bloom

Mom Genes, by Abigail Tucker

John Tooby on coalitional instincts

R.R. Reno: “Say ‘No’ to Death’s Dominion”

Jonah: “The Treason of Epidemiologists” 

The Capitol rioters running for office

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