Privilege and Principles

Today’s Ruminant is all about privilege, and Jonah has many nerdy thoughts on the subject. He also offers plenty of anecdotes about day drinking, a few meditations on Build Back Better hitting a brick wall, and a disquisition on the nature of consumerism. How many varieties of privilege are there in America today? Why do certain people tend toward conservatism? And why has Jonah finally decided to open up about Fox News? Brace your bingo cards, too, because Jonah still can’t stop complaining about Theodor Adorno and his mythical authoritarian personality.

Show Notes:

The Morning Dispatch breaks down the Build Back Better stalemate

Let’s talk about privilege

The Remnant with Sally Satel

Sumptuary laws

Veblen goods

Huntington’s “Conservatism as an Ideology”

Sally Satel: “The Experts Somehow Overlooked Authoritarians on the Left”

Politics and Prose lawyers up

Harvard stops requiring SAT scores

Jonah opens up about Fox

Matthew Mehan’s new children’s book

AEI Today

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